Monday, April 19, 2010

Clean up, clean up, Mommy please clean up!

Besides cleaning up the house in general for selling purposes, I've been busy cleaning up after one messy boy. I wish I was talking about general messes like toys, books, food, etc but no such luck. I'm talking about the nasty, only a mother would clean it kinds of messes! Here's a few stories that Paul wanted me to blog so we would remember and maybe a few folks would have a good laugh .

Let's start on Friday. We had the carpets cleaned so the kids and I needed to be out of the house for a few hours. Since it was raining, we headed to the mall to play on the indoor playground. Our first stop was the bathroom of course so I thought we were good. 30 minutes later, "Mommy, I need to go poo poo." So, I get everyone onto the stroller, go to the bathroom and "I don't need to poo poo." So, 10 minutes later in the middle of an ice cream treat, "Mommy, I need to go poo poo." So, I get everyone onto the stroller, go to the bathroom and "I don't need to poo poo." So, 10 minutes later, this time while playing, "mommy, I need to poo poo." So I get everyone onto the stroller and as we are walking to the bathroom , "Mommy, I don't need poo poo anymore." "Why?", I ask. You guessed it! So we cleaned up, threw away the underwear and left the mall because I was done.

Jump to Saturday night. We are at my parents for the night so our house can stay clean for the open house on Sunday. In the middle of the night, John Paul throws up in the bed (which he is sharing with Kate.) I just stripped everything, remade the bed and threw it all in the bathtub until morning while Paul cleaned John Paul.

Jump to Sunday night. We had dinner after church in the FLC (gym/cafeteria). As we were getting ready to leave, one of our friends comes over and says, "John Paul just came out of the bathrooms wearing only a shirt. Paul went but he will probably need help." I looked over at the bathroom just in time to see Paul waving for me and a half naked John Paul at his side. You see, John Paul tried to make it to the bathroom in time but well, I'm not quite sure how he did what he did. Of course he chose the ladies restroom so I got to clean up. I asked him where his underwear and shorts were and he pointed into a stall. Hoping to only wipe his bottom and help him get dressed, I opened the stall door to see his underwear floating in the toilet, a pile of used toilet paper on the floor next to his shorts (which I thought were "clean" until I picked them up and poop fell into my hand), poop on the wall and toilet seat. I got John Paul cleaned up and into a diaper (which he cried about ) then proceeded to clean (and throw away our second pair of underwear for the week).

So, let's hope we are learning out lesson about not waiting too late. But that would be too easy right???

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Funny kid!

This morning John Paul wanted to take a bath and afterwards, I told him to put on his underwear. He comes out of the bathroom with his underwear hanging from his butt crack. This conversation followed:
Me: Put your underwear on correctly. They go on your bottom!
JP: Why?
Me: That's how normal people wear them.
JP: I'm not normal!

Later as I was trying to get dressed, he brings me a bottle with water in it from the kitchen. I just said "thanks" and put it on the counter. He then said " I'm a big help. I'm so proud of me!"

Funny kid.

Thursday, April 1, 2010