Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year End Update

2010 was a big year for us. It started with the birth of our precious Grace in February, just a few days before John Paul's 3rd birthday. In the summer, Paul started a new job with the VA in Temple, we celebrated Kate's 2nd birthday and we sold our house. We moved to Temple in the fall, sad to leave behind great friends and church family but excited about the opportunities ahead. God has richly blessed us this year!

John Paul is growing into a little man who loves to ride his bike, do "repairs" and projects with his daddy, and protect the girls. His "job" is to keep Grace out of the tv/cable wires and he takes it very seriously. Grace always has a big smile on her face when her big brother moves her to saftey. He loves his Buddy and Elephant (stuffed animals)and sharing a room with Kate. He recently told me his talent is dancing and I must admit, he is quite entertaining. He played t-ball and soccer this year but really enjoyed the social time with friends more than the actual sports.
Since early fall, he has dealt with chronic alleriges/tonsilitis,etc. so we will be visiting an allergist in the new year.

Kate is a good combination of sensitive sweetness and strong-willed determination. She is a little mother who loves to "help" mommy with Grace, loves school and church, and going to Grandmother's house. She loves to sing and can carry a pretty good tune. If you ask her a question and she doesn't know the answer, she will almost always say "pink". Lately, she has been walking into the room and saying "What's going on here?" When she can't reach something on the counter, she will use ANYTHING, and I mean anything as a stool. A babydoll, a ball, a piece of paper, nothing is off limits. Sometimes I just watch instead of help!
Kate starts her day early (5:30 or 6) and is ready for her nap quickly after lunch. She is showing interest in potty-training (well, really just wants to wear Dora underwear) but doesn't quite understand the concept yet. She doesn't go anywhere without Baby, who gets a bath as often as Mom can sneak her away.

Grace is only 11 months old but she does her best to keep up with big brother and sister. She crawls (even has turbo speed when mom races her to the stairs), cruises and is starting to stand alone. She says mama and dada but I'm not sure if it is meaningful. She loves to wave hi to daddy from across the room. Gracie-girl is a great sleeper and so-so eater. She will let you know if she doesn't like what you are trying to feed her. We are currently in a battle over the bottle vs. sippy cup. Mom will win this battle very soon!!
By 9 months she had 1 tooth but now has all 4 front teeth with a couple more starting to push thru. Grace is a momma's girl (at least more than her siblings). But once familiar with the new church/hursery, she goes to class with no problem.
As far as size, I would guess she around 19 or 20 lbs. She is easily wearing 12-18 month clothes and size 3 or 4 diapers. Like big brother, she has ezcema but only on her ankles and few other spots. Since she has been sick this Christmas (like the rest of us), I have learned that she HATES! to take medicine.