Thursday, May 27, 2010

Made me giggle...

John Paul (from the other room): Mom! More of those fuzzy things! Look!
Me: What fuzzy things? (thinking it was dust bunnies or something yucky)
John Paul: (running into the room holding his arm) Fuzzy things! I'm getting more fuzzy things!

He noticed the hair on his arms and legs...too funny!

Kate:(to John Paul) Cheers bandaids!
(She wanted him to bump their bandaids together!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A few things I don't want to forget

My kids are changing so quickly and I'm forgetting even faster. So, just to record it for the future, here's a little bit about each one:

John Paul (3yr 3months): Booger-bear, Super friendly and excited little man. Constantly making others smile with your "hi, how are you?" in your weird deep voice. You always tell me that you are protecting the girls and that you love your sisters. You love to give Grace kisses and wrestle with Kate. You are happy to try to pick up Kate when she wants you to "hold you". You are doing great with the potty thing...hardly any accidents since your birthday (except those few that I've blogged about before)
You love church and school and constantly surprise me with the things you know. Just this morning you told me about seeing your reflection in the computer. You are one smart cookie! I love hearing you tell Daddy goodnight and saying that you love him "to the pieces of the moon and back to pieces".

Kate (1yr 10 months): Kate-ster, Kate the Great! You are one super loving girl. You love your babies and are starting to pretend play with them. I catch you feeding or putting your babies to bed quite often. You love shoes even if they are too small and have quite a fit if you can't get them on easily. You pass out kisses to your family constantly and expect lots in return, esp. if you are hurt. When Grace gets up in the morning, the first thing you say is "kiss". You love to play with John Paul, even initiating the wrestling matches. You are a big eater, especially avocado and tomatoes! (and fruit snacks) Most days you eat more than your brother.
You are very strong-willed as well. I know it will serve you well in the future but it is a struggle for me in trying to teach you and discipline you. You are talking and singing up a storm these days. My favorite things to hear you say are "Awesome", "delicious", "I did it". You love to sing "Jesus loves me" and "twinkle twinkle little star". Just this morning you came and tapped my cup with yours and said "cheers"...crazy kate!

Grace (3 months): Gracie-girl. What a happy baby! You sleep 11-12 hours per night and take 2 or 3 good naps a day even when you spend most of the day in your car seat. Although you have been congested/snotty for the past few months, you are always smiley and happy. Just this week, you are starting to laugh at your brother and sister and when mommy tickles under your chin. You smile when I come to get you from your crib each morning. We can't wait to see your personality develop !

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Catching up...

I'm only catching up in terms of posting a few photos from Easter morning and Grace at 2 and 3 months. We have been busy the last few months getting our house ready to sell, church retreat (no photos as I didn't have a free hand for a camera) and fighting off stomach bugs. Hopefully, summer will be a healthy, relaxing time for us all.