Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

John Paul at 4

Interviewed in our kitchen while making cookies for his school party.
Mom: What is your favorite food?
JP: Cookies
M: What is your favorite color?
JP: Blue and green
M: Who is your best friend?
JP: Griffin and Bella
M: Where do you live?
JP: at Temple
M: What is your favorite toy?
JP: Bubby is my favorite stuffed animal, and elephant and shark and dolphin and covers. (You barely fit on your bed with all your animal friends!)
M: What is your favorite thing to do?
JP: Doing movie night with pallets.
M: Did you just sneak a cookie?
JP: yep!
M: What do you want to do this year as a 4 yr old?
JP: Slide down a pole, climb a ladder and a tree
M: What was your favorite thing you did as a 3 yr old last year?
JP: playing tball and soccer.

John Paul, you are changing before our eyes. You are ready and excited to be a big boy and most days are ready to accept the new responsibilities that come with another year of life. Other days you tell me that you don't want to be a big boy. You proudly told everyone at the bank that you now know how to wipe your own bottom but you still fight mommy on getting dressed by yourself.
The move to Temple this year was harder on you than we thought it would be. You miss your old house, school, church and friends, esp. Griffin. You are making new friends but don't show the same enthusiasm about going to school and Bible class that you did before. Just like at Brentwood, you have quickly made yourself know to the adults at Belton and they love to seek you out to say hello and get a high five. You prefer to play with the older boys than the kids your age. You say your best friend here is Bella- she is a year older than you and has quite the flashy personality so I can see how you might have a little crush.
You have also been sick alot this fall/winter. We finally took you to the allergist to find out that you are allergic to ragweed, cats, bermuda grass, and molds. (or moles as you tell people). We are going back in a few weeks for food testing because your ezcema isn't getting any better. Hopefully this year will be the year that we finally can stop your skin from itching so much.
You love your sisters and they love you! Although you and Kate sometimes fight, you are best buddies and get into all sorts of stuff. Grace loves her big bubba and you are a good helper to mom. Mom's favorite time of day with you is when you get up from your nap while your sisters are still sleeping. (you are tring to stop napping but I'm not letting you!) When you wake up, you are a snuggle bug and sweet talker so I cherish those moments. Dad loves building super big pallets with you, riding bikes, and taking you fishing.
John Paul, you are little guy with big personality who keeps us and everyone around smiling. You put great energy and enthusiasm into all you do and I pray that continues as you mature. I also pray that you will have a healthy year and make lots of new friends.

Happy 1st and 4th Birthday Circus

Pretty in pink

Snow Day

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Grace is one!

As I type this, I can hear you "talking" yourself to sleep. I love hearing your sweet jabbering and occasional words. It seems like you know that you are turning 1 this week because you have really started saying more like yes, hi, and uh-oh as well as drinking from cups without throwing a fit! You continue to be a very happy, easy baby even though you have had 2 double ear infections in the last 2 months.
You love to play with your brother and sister especially when Daddy builds you a big pallet in the living room. You flop around like it was made just for you.
You have the best cheesy scrunchy-nose grin when you are being silly or mischevious, esp. in the cabinets. Speaking of cabinets, you have recently discovered that the tupperware cabinet is super fun to empty out and crawl into.
You look like your big brother but have your own spunky personality and no one can make you laugh like your sister. You continue to be a momma's girl which I secretly love!
A few stats at 1 year old: 6 teeth, picky eater you but love spaghetti, bananas, blueberries, and crackers. You aren't walking yet but are very close. You have a great laugh! When Daddy comes home at the end of the day, you want him to hold you and cry if he leaves the room without taking you.
We love you to pieces!