Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Kate is now 13 months old and poor girl is just now getting a post about her birthday! (I'm afraid that she is in for a lifetime of Mommy not being on the ball about things!)
Kate is my sweet girl! She knows how to flash that smile at just the right time, loves to give slobbery kisses and pester her big brother. She can say dada, mama, hot, ball, and a few animal sounds and is really staring to say more since her ear surgery. She is still maybe the best pointer and grunt-er i know! Although not walking yet, she thinks it is great fun to take a few steps into your arms or stand up just to fall into pillows! We look forward to all the big changes in the next few months with walking, talking and more! We love you sweet Kate!

Where did the summer go?

Now that summer is over and John Paul has started back to "school", I'm finally going to update everyone on our summer activities (or lack of!) We started summer off with John Paul's end-of-school water day then Camp Agape (our VBS). By the first week of June, the poor kids summer fun was pretty much over! I found out I was pregnant (yes, 17 weeks as of yesterday) and had a tough first few months. If it wasn't for Granny's help, I don't know what we would have done! Anyway, all is better now and we are back to normal. Kate did have tubes put in her ears in July and seems to be happier now so we are praying for no ear infections this year!

Here's a slide show of the summer highlights: