Friday, September 23, 2011


How time flies! Grace is 19 months old but thinks she is at least 3 or 4. She tries to keep up with Kate and John Paul. She is quite the climber and has no fear when it comes to heights, slides, animals, etc. She might be our most athletic kid, already throwing, kicking, and sometime catching balls.
Grace has the BEST laugh. She doesn't laugh easily but when she does, it is the best gut bustin giggle! We all love to tickle her!
Her vocabulary is growing daily. Thank You, more, snack, bubba, kat, joh pau, momma, daddy are her favorite words. She will not say Please no matter what! I think that has to do with her strong will. Speaking of that, boy is she strong willed. She will throw herself down in a fit if she doesn't like the situation and will give you a "how dare you" look if you tell her no. She has recently started saying "bye bye" to you after you tell her no in hopes that you will go away so she can continue with the no-no. I have no doubt that she will keep life interesting!
We love our little Gracie-poo!

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